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Dog Boarding

From: £28.00

Aeolian House boarding kennels offer 4 types of accommodation for the dogs. The Boarding Kennels has been awarded a 3 Star Rating from Darlington Borough Council Licence department (We could have 5 Star if we employed 6 additional staff)


Standard Kennel:

This style of kennel is what you would normally associate with a boarding kennels.

The individual sleeping quarters and covered outside exercise area are spacious and look out onto a woodland area. The internal areas are gas central heated for the winter months. All dogs are provided with vet bed and plastic beds . All dogs have access to fresh water 24/7. None of the dogs can see each other, this keeps the dogs much calmer especially dogs that are submissive or dogs that are anxious.

All dogs are exercised individually on flexi leads either in the field or around the woods twice daily. A radio is left on all day and night which seems to keep the dogs calmer.


We no longer offer Apartment or Luxury accommodation.


Exercising of dogs:

Assuming that your dog is social with people we will exercise them twice daily individually on flexi leads. These are small walks, but beneficial as the dogs enjoy getting out of the kennels have a sniff about.

It makes for a happier experience.


We have a range of quality dog food . The majority of dogs are fed with Arden Grange Hypoallergenic Lamb and Rice. Wet meat, chicken and rice packs are also frozen ready to be used on fussy dogs.

You are welcome to bring your own food if you prefer and think that it will make your dogs stay with us easier and a better experience.

Bedding & Toys:

You are welcome to bring along bedding and toys for your dog during their stay but we will not be held responsible either if it is lost or destroyed. If we feel it is inappropriate, it will be removed. Please do not bring plastic bottles.


Please contact the kennels prior to booking online and inform us of the medication/illness that your dog is on.

We do not take or board any dogs that require injections.

Old dogs have to be checked by the vet prior to boarding to confirm that they are well enough to be boarded in a kennels environment.

We will not be held responsible if your dog refuses their medication.


All dogs without exception that require boarding in the kennels must be fully vaccinated. Boosters must be up to date and this must also include the Kennel Cough vaccine which is not part of your normal vaccination. The kennel cough vaccine is normally administered the minimum of 72 hours prior to boarding and is repeated every year. If your dog is found not to be vaccinated on time of your arrival at the kennels you will be refused and you will forfeit all boarding costs.

Parasite treatment:

Please ensure that all dogs have been treated with appropriate flea, tick and lice products prior to boarding.

Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions before proceeding with booking.

We only admit dogs that are social with people and can be handled with no issues.

Please note, we do not take arrivals or departures on Sundays or bank holidays.

Price List:

Standard Kennel for 1 Dog is £16.80 inc VAT per day.


Please check your emails. Once you receive an email confirming your booking, you will be able to find the link in there to pay.

Booking Description

Your dog will be right at home with us



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